Holden Camira, anything but super


Billed as "the supercar" by Holden Marketing the Camira was Holden's first attempt at a front wheel drive car. Derived from GM's J car program. This was the first time that GM would use the same basic design for a car around the world, although they did feature different grills and trim, they were the same basic chassis and body design. The Camira featured styling very reminiscent of the Commodore at the time it was released and was an instant hit It even got a car of the year award in 1982, but it wasn't long before some models overheated or rusted prematurely and the Camira quickly earned its name as a lemon. Later models like the JD (pictured) and JE are said to be a huge improvement over the first JB model, but buyers weren't convinced. In New Zealand the reputation was so bad they chose to import the Japanese Isuzu version instead of the JD. You would of thought that with so much extra cash in only designing a car once for every market they would of got it right the first time, but it seams GM must of forgot to ask Holden to test it properly before release.

3 thoughts on “Holden Camira, anything but super

  1. Many hundreds of thousands of happy and reliable motoring from my 1988 JE Camira Wagon. Powerful, and economical and quick fun to drive. Owned the car since 1998 to present. (2010) And won’t part with it until she finally “Gives up” 😀

  2. this has got to be Holden’s best car. Holden should start making them again they would sell like hot cakes. I for one would buy one. I have a JE and it is with out any doubt the best Australian car ever. No wonder Camira won car of the uear in the 80’s.

  3. I recall soon after these came out the comments on the Camira JB tended to be 50/50 – some buyers thought they had a lemon (Holden build quality was not the greatest), others thought it was the best car that they had ever owned.
    A reasoning for the motoring magazines taking a liking to the car was that its ride and handling dynamics were good in comparision to its rivals.

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