FSM Niki 650, too little, too late

The Niki 650

Coming in at no 9 of Austrlia's worst cars is the FSM Niki 650. based on the Fiat 126 the Niki was built under licence by Fabryka Samochodów Malolitrazowych (FSM) in Poland from 1973 to 2000 and exported to Australia between 1989 and 1992. Fitted with a 2 cyl 650 cc engine and drum breaks all round the 126 was probably an OK idea in 1970's Europe, but a car that took almost a decade to get to its claimed top speed of near 100klm/hand couldn't stop if it ever did get there was unheard of in Australia in 1989. One other thing that was unheard of was the price tag launched at $7990 it was the cheapest car in Australia at the time, but the old saying rings true here that you get what you pay for.

6 thoughts on “FSM Niki 650, too little, too late

  1. I bought one of these……yes I know LOL it was and still remains the worst car I ever owned. I had it 3 months and had a party when I sold it. Good bye and good riddance I say!

  2. I loved this car!!! It was the only one I could afford in the late 80’s and it was F-U-N, fun! So what if it took ages to get to 80 km/hr, you can’t drive anywhere in Sydney over 60 km/hr now anyway … I need one now ;-p

  3. I have had one for 15 years, great town car 200 ~ 230klm on 15L each week. only problems 2 x dodgy capacitors after major services. Fixed that with electronic ignition 50,000 klm ago, finally wore out 1st gear after 130,000 k. Changed cluster & clutch (package deal) my car is still going strong & good fun to drive.

  4. My parents won one in a lottery and gave it to me. Great car, I did 45,000 km’s in it in a couple of years. It was great fun to drive with lots of oversteer to be had by lifting off on roundabouts and then pushing down. Very entertaining and all at speeds that were legal. She was easy to park, cheap to run and a great conversation starter (often at traffic lights!). It had a few quirks including a bakelite spacer between the car and inlet manifold that needed to be sanded down every 5000 kms or so or she would have the worst (actually only) run on I’ve ever encountered – you effectively had to stall it when you turned it off. I wasn’t the only one that liked it. I used to get offers tucked under the windscreen and when I did sell we had several people turn up at once and all want to buy it.

  5. i had one Niki 126 , for few in years at uni , best $200 bucks spent with rego, ran on few bucks of fuel all week , easy work on , parts still around cheap as . i end up selling iron horse to promo company on Goldcoast . i would buy one now if came up forsale . 10/10. regards.

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