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Number 6 in our list of Australia's worst cars goes to the Datsun 120y. Based on the chassis of the Datsun 1200 that was produced from 1970 to 1974 when the 120y was launched on the Australian market as its replacement. Both cars were known as the Sunny in Japan, but perhaps it was a good thing the 120y was not named this in Australia as it was a pretty dull car. Featuring a 1.2 L engine, dull breaks, a choppy ride and a sloppy gearbox, the 120y was surprisingly popular. We are not sure why that is as it was an fairly ordinary looking too. You could option up to the Japanese built 2 door coupe version that was a popular way to look sporty when you are taking almost 17 seconds to get from 0 to 100km/h. The 120y was replaced by the next series in the very dull Sunny line (and also now named Sunny) in 1978.

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  1. Me parece de mala educación hablar tan mal de un producto tan bueno, y que no tienen conocimiento de las bondades de semejante joya de carro, exijo se retracten de hablar mal del famoso tiburon.

    Translated from Spanish
    It seems impolite to speak so ill of such a great product, and they have no knowledge of the benefits of such a jewel car, I demand to speak ill retract the famous shark.

  2. What a load of crap!!!!! The Datsun 120Y was one of the most popular selling small cars in Australia in the mid 70’s because of its economy. It was very popular with the ladies as it was very easy to park and the steering was very light for a non-powered steering car. The cars origins car from the early Austin cars which had one of the most reliable engines ever made. Do your studies a little better as this car was up there along side the sales of the Toyota Corrola. This car today is still on the roads and used by many young students as a first car.

  3. What made it popular was it was one of the first small cars to have reasonable interior room and great fuel economy. You could fit 4 adults inside and still have a boot (okay okay) small but useful boot. And Datsuns were a know reliable brand. But remember, it was a mums car when people could afford to start buying small second cars for the family.

  4. Your other respondents must be thinking about a different 120Y. The ones I remember were ugly, gutless and cramped, difficult to see out of, and with braking, steering and handling/roadholding so poor as to be dangerous. Economy and reliability were their only discernable virtues. Oh, and the ride was as uncomfortable as the seats. Has McDatto never seen a BMC 1100, a Renault 12 or for that matter a Mini? Even the Mini was roomier than a 120Y.

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