The Weinermobile

The Weinermobile is a hot dog shaped car that has been around in the US since the late 1930's. Developed as a promotional gimick for the Oscar Mayer sausage company. While there have been several variations of the weinermobile over the years, one thing always looks the same and that is the sausage on top of the car. The one pictured above from the 1950's resides at the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit and looks not much different to the fleet of 7 Weinermobiles doing the rounds of the US today. Every year the company recruits a new set of drivers known as "hotdoggers" to take the cars around the country to parades and events that helps promote the company.

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  1. I want to cover it in sauce and eat it.. It is the coolest car ive ever seen. It can park in my driveway anyday!

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