The Holzenbliz Electric Car


We couldn’t find a great deal of English information on the Hotzenbliz Electric Car. We took this photo at the Sinsheim Auto & Technic Museum in Germany. The car was produced in the mid 1990’s and only about 150 were produced looking a bit like a cross between a golf buggy and the Smart Car. The cars were manufactured in the German town of Suhl and didn’t take off due to performance and battery life. The battery took about 5 hours to charge and the maximum range was about 80km with impressive speeds of 120kmh. Some of the cars were later updated with new battery technology from a Swiss firm and were much more suitable, but it seems the poor old Holzenbliz manufactures went bankrupt in the process.

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  1. This car was made at the Simson plant, where they used to make the Simson and Simson Supra, as well as mopeds “Schwalbe”. It was (is?) an arms factory. “Blitz” is lightning, so maybe they tried to make the impression it was really quick. I believe the car is now made in Austria, not Switzerland.

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