Let’s drive on the wrong side of the road


According to Reuters a senior Irish politician has come up with the great idea of switching the sides of the road it drives on. Currently Ireland drives on the left like Britain and many of Britain's former colonies, The plan here is that with heaps of tourists from Europe and the US its all a bit confusing and it would make it easier to swap over or idea two is force the drivers from right hand drive countries to only travel at half the speed. The problem we see is that most of the cars in the country will have the steering wheel on the wrong side and you will still need to swap over when you go to the UK. Our idea is to do a staged introduction starting with buses and trucks first! In Australia on the Great Ocean Road they put up signs reminding tourists to drive on the left (see above), its a good idea but this popular tourist drive is 2 hours from the main international airport where there are no reminder signs so you would recon the tourists should of figured it out by the time they get there.


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