How would your car go in a crash test

[youtube Dimg2n2Azwg]

At one stage not long ago car manufactures could pump out any old box of bolts and people would buy them and not care what would happen if they ever crashed them. Thankfully today cars are designed with computers and the manufacturers can try crash testing them over and over without even building their first car, this means that cars today are much safer than those built in the trail and error days. Today cars are built to bend and crush in certain ways but not in other ways to keep the passenger compartment (and you) in one piece. In some cars this works better than others and this is why there is a star rating given to the cars on today's roads. The standard crashes in the video above are performed by Euro NCAP at 67klm into an offset wall, what we are looking at are 5 star cars compared to 1 star cars where you would not be healthy after the crash.

 See if your car has been crash tested on the sites below

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