Hoons Trust Holden

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Most states in Australia have recently introduced anti-hoon laws to crack down on street racers and hoons that have a little bit too much fun with their cars. The laws generally see the hoon lose his car from anywhere from a few days to forever followed by a day in court. The police media units have been in overtime since the laws were introduced as stories of idiots getting sprung doing the stupidest things hit the papers. Some of the best stories we have seen recently include a WA lad losing his car only minutes after getting his licence, as he was doing a burnout in the testing centre and another guy losing two cars in only a mater of days. Today we stumbled across this piece on drive.com.au were Victorian police announced that of the 5000 cars taken in two years nearly half of them where made by Holden. What do you think, are Holden's hoon cars or is there a more deserving brand for Australia's Hoons. Hit up our comment form below. 

7 thoughts on “Hoons Trust Holden

  1. Fantastic- this is something all us Holden drivers can be proud ov.. Holden rock – better thun that Ford crap. U cant even do donuts in that new Falcon- cops should convisaate them coz they are so f$#ckn crap… Holdens rule OK…..Cops just geleous of our V8 commys. worlds best car by far why they australias no 1 car coz they the best…. RIP Brocky u a fu##n legende brother! Holden rule!

  2. Hello
    Does anyone know how purchase can I a VE Holden Commodoore SS and sending it to Lebanon My cousin has one in Sydney and I want one to be driving here. I am from Tripoli at north of Lebanon and have Toyota Camry but it not V8 and not good attracting the ladies if you know what I mean.

  3. I don’t know where to start.. I’m a Holden fan, and I think your a wanker VNHoon.

    It’s people like you, who have no idea about anything, and ruin everything good for others.

    Time and place for everything..

  4. Learn how to spell VNHoon!

    It’s really not your fault though… Medical studies show that Holden drivers have a large portion of the CNS missing. A part commonly known as the brain.

  5. Holden the true Aussie car not like that plastic jap crap stuff or Falcon which is just a US car with a ford badge stuck on it pretending to be aussie Commodoore is and allways has been 100% aussie designed and is by far words best car – Drive On

  6. The pigs took my Calais for doing a few burnouts then agan for 48 hours dragging some fag in a rice burner- I won. The crocked mongrel pigs should be catching criminals not picking on the innocent just because I have a cool car they think they can pick on me if they want to take cars take them of oldies who cant drive fast good drivers like me never hurt anyone -at least they wont catch me on highway my car goes faster than any cop car any day hoons rule! Holden rule!

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