A duck out of water


The amphicar wasn't quiet sure what it wanted to be a boat or a car, so why not be both. Built in the early 1960's in Germany the Amphicar was the only civilian passenger amphibian car ever to be produced (I wonder why) selling a little over 3000 units. The car had a top speed of 70mph on land and an impressive 7mph on water. It had twin nylon propellers and a special two part land and water transmission which was built by the makers of the Porsche transmission. When the car was on water the front wheels acted like rudders. The engine was based off a four cylinder British Triumph engine and produced 43 hp. The vehicle came in four colours, white, red, blue and green as in the photograph which we took at the  Sinsheim Auto & Technic Museum Germany, about an hours drive from Stuttgart.