First drive of the Tata Nano

[youtube 3sZitve3SUw]

We really like small and cheap cars and they don't get much cheaper than India's new small car the Tata Nano. Its been around a year since the Nano was unveiled with the shock price tag of around $2000 in US Coin, and many experts thought the production model may be a bit cheap and half arsed, well according to the review above its not too bad for the price. Check it out, it may look a bit spartan by western standards but it still would be better than some of the old boxes I see travelling the streets. Pity the car is only going to the indian market at that price for the moment as I wouldn't mind one at that price.

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TATA Nano – the worlds cheapest car

[youtube hbGExhR14r8]

Indian car manufacturer TATA has just unveiled their new model to be known as the Nano. The 600cc microcar has gained the auto world spotlight since TATA released the details that the starting price will be the equivalent of US$2500. TATA intends to sell the car in India to middle class Indians who previously could not afford a new car. Environmentalist do-gooders have caned the car, complaining that India's roads are already overcrowded and this car is going to make things worse. Check out the launch video above to see what 2500 bucks can get you.