The AZLK Moskvich Museum

[youtube l9QKchZgmLY]

Today's video is of the AZLK Moskvich museum in Russia. The Moskvich was a popular car in Russia and were often regarded as sturdy and dependable transport, the company had most of its success during the 60's and 70's but actually dates back to 1929 with the first Moskvitch being produced in 1945, it was based on the Opel Kadett as the Soviets gained Opel's production assets as part of war reparations. Today the company is no more as it went bankrupt in 2002, allegedly the companies factory was deserted with half finished cars on the production line for quite some time after the company folded. We think this video is from the factories museum so we are assuming it is no longer open as well. By the way if you are wondering what AZLK means, its short for Avtomobilny Zavod imeni Leninskogo Komsomola, which means in English Youth Communist League Car Factory, they dropped this acronym in the 90's. 

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The Volga – with a Ruski Jeremy Clarkson

[youtube ouHToA0hVYo]

Russian vehicles are so interesting and 'stylish', so lets do another, Today it's the Volga, based on the Gaz-24 first introduced in 1967 the GAZ Volga has been in production constantly since then and has been modernized several times over its lifespan but keeps the same basic shell as the 1967 cars. While traditionally used by taxi cabs, the police, the KGB and party officials some Volga’s were sold to private buyers and since the fall of the Soviet Union the GAZ company have been trying to lure more buyers away from modern imports to the home grown Volga. Recently GAZ announced they were getting out of car production to concentrate on trucks, but then back flipped by buying the rights to the US Chrysler Sebring platform. They plan to develop new cars of the Chysler platform while continuing production of the Volga, targeting the retro vehicle market. The video above is a Russian motoring show road test of the late 90s GAZ-3110 we don’t know any Russian but we are sure this guy is as funny as Jeremy Clarkson. Click to the next page to see the very special current model known as a GAZ-31105

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Was that you screwing around, Comrade?

[youtube afJ18eJeNgU]

This is amazing you have got to check the video out for this one!

This odd screw propelled vehicle is an all terrain vehicle that was produced by Zil in Russia. While not known too well known outside Russia, Zil is known for producing limousines that were favorites of high ranking soviet officials and leaders like Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin and Fidel Castro. Zil also produce heavy road, offroad and military vehicles, some of these heavy machines are not like any thing you have seen before like the propeller driven snow mobile known as an aerosan and this odd contraption in the video above that can only be described as a cross between a tank and a ships screw. The beast is known as a ZIL-29061 and judging by the video was produced some time around the seventies.

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