The Canta Microcar starting at 11,500 euros – wow!


Well looking at our photo, you might think we have done some bad resizing, but no this is the actual shape of the Canta Microcar. We found this little red vehicle parked on a footpath in Amsterdam and thought it was too good to pass by without taking a photograph. There is really only enough room for a single occupant, and not a real big on either. The vehicle is produced by a company called Waaijenberg Company, and the vehicle is very popular with people who have a disability or an illness that affects their mobility. The Canta measures a tiny 1.10m wide, 2.30m long and 1.65m high. Conveniently this measurement also happens to be the maximum measurements for a disabled vehicle for which no driving license or parking permit is required. The car is usually only seen in the cities and strangely unusually red, the car has a 45kmh speed limit. Now you might think small, and slow, it's going to be cheap, well you are wrong the starting price is around 11,500 euros, and with various ad ons the price can rise to 17,000 euros, but if you are disabled you can get some help from the city and they will subsidise some of the cost.