Mercedes Benz Diesotto Engine

[youtube N-kYwaUBwZM]

Mercedes Benz have always been not shy in in investing in new car technology and if their Diesotto engine goes into production it could revolutionize combustion engines. taking its name from both the Diesel and otto cycle engine's the new Mercedes design is about putting the best parts of both engines design into one engine together with plenty of other high tech gadgets to produce a engine with the economy of a 4 cyl and the power of a V8. In one test it achieved less than 6 L/100 klm in the body of a large S-Class which is about as good as a small diesel. Want to know more? Watch the news story above.

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The Gull Wing Mercedes-Benz 300SL


1955 Mercedes Benz 300 SL coupe with its gull wing doors is probably the most beautiful and most loved of all the cars produced during the 1950’s. Based of a racing version the production version has become one of the most collected and expensive vehicles of all time. The vehicle was powered by a 6 cylinder 183 cubic inch engine delivering 158 kW with a top speed of 155 mp. This photograph was taken at the new Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart Germany where it along with many other iconic Mercedes Benz models are displayed like jewelry. This museum would have to finest and most beautiful automotive museum in the world and houses many of the company’s treasures a must for anyone visiting Germany whether they are a car buff or not. For more information: