Toyota FT-HS the hybrid sports car of the future.


Toyota are streaming ahead with hybrid technology allready several cars are on the market around the world and in Japan most of the range is available in Hybrid. Toyota think the hybrid is the centeral technology needed to make the ultimate eco-car and over the next few years this techology will improve and be a real alternative to full time petrol or diesel. So to showcase this techology Toyota have the FT HS hybrid sports car on their stand at the Melbourne Motorshow alongside their hybrid Prius and locally made Camry and Aurion sedans.  The FT-HS is hot of the stand of the Detroit Motorshow and is one of the most exciting cars at Melbourne. The 400 horsepower hybrid car may see the return of the classic Celica or Supra time will tell.  Toyota are stating this vehicle will do 0-60 in about 4 seconds and it would sell in the price bracket of mid $30,000. It has a 3.5 litre V6 engine Sounds too good to believe we will have to wait and see.

Mitsubishi Concept cX at Melbourne


Poor old Mitsubishi hasn't had a good run in Australia lately, they have recently announced that they would cease manufacturing in Australia stopping their troubled 380 six cylinder family car. But import wise they have been doing fairly well with some exciting products like the all new Lancer., And looking at the Mitsubishi Concept cX on the stand at the Melbourne Motorshow this week, the future will look even brighter. The Concept cX is a compact crossover vehicle which made it's debut at last years Frankfurt Motor Show, it is powered by a 1.8 litre clean diesel engine which cleverly features a VG or variable geometry turbo charger and a DOC which is a diesel oxcidation catalyst which makes it Euro 5 ready. There's a twin clutch SST Sports Shift Transmission fitted and together with the engine give remarkable fuel economy and performance while being kind to the environment. Inside the car also keeps our fragile environment in mind with Mitsubishi's own special green plastic, its made from plant based resins instead of oil based, something we should expect to see in production vehicles in the not to distant future.

Holden’s Coupe Concept – The next Monaro?


The Australian arm of GM, Holden has put a stunning 2 door coupe concept on show at the Melbourne Motorshow this week. Based of the Holden Commodore or Pontiac GTO, Vauxhall VRX or even Lumina in some markets. The concept car was designed to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Holden. The vehicle features pillerless windows, a s tough body kit with Diamond Silver paint and a 6 litre LS2 V8 Engine. The car is finished with 21 inch slick wheels, LED taillights and twin side exhausts. Holden isn't saying too much about the future of this car but if they were to make a new model Monaro, one would expect much of the DNA in this vehicle would be carried over to the new design. Like the 2 door coupe showed in 1998 which later became the Monaro, enough public interest might just be all Holden needs to take the design a bit further and invest in this project to put it in the showrooms in a few years time. Time will tell.

Hyundai Genesis shown at Melbourne


Fresh from the stand at the LA Motorshow the Hyundai Genesis Coupe Concept is now wowing the crowds at the Melbourne Motorshow in Australia. Hyundai have been a major player in the Australian market over the last decade and are know for cheap affordable small family cars. The Genesis Coupe is a major departure with an exciting look and some pretty impressive features. Sure its only a concept at this stage but it shows the future direction of the Korean manufacturer and if the recently released I30 is anything to go by things are on the up. Hyundai are claiming a version of this car will be built and on sale next year it will be interesting to see how far a departure it is from this lovely concept but Hyundai are promising most affordable 300-plus horsepower car on the market. This car features a 3.8-liter V-6 under the carbon fiber hood, it also has a six-speed manual transmission, rear-wheel drive and a limited-slip differential. It will be very interesting to see the production car in the flesh.

New GT Falcon on show at Melbourne Motor Show


Ford Performance Vehicle's brand new muscle car the FG GT Falcon is being showed for the first time at the Melbourne Motor Show. Due to go on sale in May 2008 the V8 GT Falcon comes in a complete new body and interior and a range of bright colours. Price and performance figures are  yet to be announced but it is expected to be the most powerful Falcon ever overtaking the current 302 KW engine. For the first time in Falcon GT history the Ford badge is replaced by the Ford Performance Vehicle stylised Falcon badging. There will be 3 models of the GT they will be the GT and GT-P which have been available in earlier models and for the first time a stylish new luxury GT-E sedan. The vehicle is also sold in a utility vehicle and called the Pursuit. Other Ford Performance Vehicle Falcons on offer include the Turbo 6 Cylinder F6 range.

Landrover concept at Melbourne Motor Show


Fresh from its unveiling on a few weeks ago at the Detroit Motorshow the Landrover LRX concept car has been put on display at the Melbourne Motorshow in Australia. The LRX Concept is a compact 4x4 vehicle with a three door bold look, but still with plenty of Landrover DNA. The car is powered by a 2.0 litre turbo diesel electric hybrid motor which can also run on bio diesel. The car has an integrated electric drive rear axle called ERAD which allows the vehicle to use the electric drive when at lower speeds and offer emissions similar to a micro car. The concept is 149 shorter than the Landrover Freelander 2 and sits 205mm lower and has a very striking appearance. There seems to be a trend with these nearly coupe 4x4 SUV vehicles at the moment with Audi and BMW also showing similar types of cars at recent shows. There is also a plan to release another exciting version of the LRX at the Geneva Motorshow which starts later this week.

Chevy Camaro Coupe Show Car


This year's Melbourne Motorshow in Australia premiered the Chevrolet Camaro Coupe show car which is a glimpse of great things to come from the huge US automaker. The vehicle was actually designed in Melbourne by Holden who have the task of designing the new rear wheel drive muscle car. The final product is expected to have many of the design cues that the show car proudly possesses when it rolls of the production lines in Canada some time in 2009. The car will feature some of the underbody and mechanicals used in Australia's Holden Commodore which is the country's biggest selling car and exported to world markets including the Middle East, Asia and to the USA as a Pontiac GTO.