The Lada Samara, a commie catoastrophy

[youtube wZ4NRbJQz3o]

This week we are starting a top ten series of the worst cars ever sold in a particular market, and this weeks turn is Australia. Coming in at number 10 is the Lada Samara, the Samara was a Russian built car that was imported into Australia from 1988 to 1996, at the time it was imported it was one of the cheapest cars in its class on sale and that was a feature that not only showed in its price tag but also in its fit and finish. The legendary Peter Brock even had a crack at fixing some of their flaws before they went on sale after his much publicised falling out with Holden, suprisingly he never fitted a energy polarizer to one. Eventually the Samara changed names to the Lada Cevaro and Volante after a minor facelift but it was not enough to stop buyers remembering the horror stories of their poor reliability and body gaps you could almost fit your hand in. The terrible ad above is from the Russian market but some how we thought it fitting.

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