The Volt enters pre-production

[youtube bztCah9wxS8]

The Chevrolet Volt is GM's much anticipated electric car that is not too far away from hitting the showrooms. GM is pinning its hopes on this car turning the fortunes of the company around, so they are going all out to talk up the car before release. One new marketing idea for the car is a social network website known as where they are releasing a range of video's of the car before its release. We especially liked the video of the cars pre production you can see above, there are plenty more like these if you follow the link to their site below.

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Holden’s Coupe Concept – The next Monaro?


The Australian arm of GM, Holden has put a stunning 2 door coupe concept on show at the Melbourne Motorshow this week. Based of the Holden Commodore or Pontiac GTO, Vauxhall VRX or even Lumina in some markets. The concept car was designed to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Holden. The vehicle features pillerless windows, a s tough body kit with Diamond Silver paint and a 6 litre LS2 V8 Engine. The car is finished with 21 inch slick wheels, LED taillights and twin side exhausts. Holden isn't saying too much about the future of this car but if they were to make a new model Monaro, one would expect much of the DNA in this vehicle would be carried over to the new design. Like the 2 door coupe showed in 1998 which later became the Monaro, enough public interest might just be all Holden needs to take the design a bit further and invest in this project to put it in the showrooms in a few years time. Time will tell.

Saturn Flextreme Concept


The Saturn Flextreme Concept continues our week of Detroit Motor Show features. This clever and rather weird looking car is a little sister to the Opel Flextreme car shown at Frankfurt a few weeks back. The Saturn car has a lithium-ion battery eclectic motor which can drive for about 34 miles and a diesel engine which can power recharge the battery when necessary, or be recharged via the powerpoint in about 3 hours. Saturn have stated at the launch of this vehicle the front of the vehicle in particular the lights and grille use styling cues of the future Saturn look- which will be quiet striking. Probably the most interesting and weird idea in this concept is the addition of two Segways stowed under the cargo floor, we really don’t know why, must be there just incase the battery goes flat?  

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Chevy Camaro Coupe Show Car


This year's Melbourne Motorshow in Australia premiered the Chevrolet Camaro Coupe show car which is a glimpse of great things to come from the huge US automaker. The vehicle was actually designed in Melbourne by Holden who have the task of designing the new rear wheel drive muscle car. The final product is expected to have many of the design cues that the show car proudly possesses when it rolls of the production lines in Canada some time in 2009. The car will feature some of the underbody and mechanicals used in Australia's Holden Commodore which is the country's biggest selling car and exported to world markets including the Middle East, Asia and to the USA as a Pontiac GTO.