2009 Ford Fiesta


Drawing styling from the flash 'Verve' concept which has been doing the recent motor show rounds the new Ford Fiesta is a stylish and exciting little package. Designed using Ford's kinetic design cues the car will go on sale in the Autumn of 2008 in Europe and will also commence manufacture in other sites across the globe in the following year including Asia and America. The car has the same underpinnings as the recently released Mazda 2 and is lighter, safer and stronger than the current model Fiesta, and includes some clever safety systems including driver knee airbags and E-Pas power assisted steering. The car promises to be more environmentally friendly than its predecessor both in terms of fuel usage and emissions. The Fiesta ECOnetic ultra-low CO2 model will deliver less than 100g/km emissions. Some other innovative inclusions will include new technology highlights include keyless vehicle technology, 'Ford Power' engine start button, Ford Easyfuel capless refuelling, USB connectivity and ambient interior lighting.

New GT Falcon on show at Melbourne Motor Show


Ford Performance Vehicle's brand new muscle car the FG GT Falcon is being showed for the first time at the Melbourne Motor Show. Due to go on sale in May 2008 the V8 GT Falcon comes in a complete new body and interior and a range of bright colours. Price and performance figures are  yet to be announced but it is expected to be the most powerful Falcon ever overtaking the current 302 KW engine. For the first time in Falcon GT history the Ford badge is replaced by the Ford Performance Vehicle stylised Falcon badging. There will be 3 models of the GT they will be the GT and GT-P which have been available in earlier models and for the first time a stylish new luxury GT-E sedan. The vehicle is also sold in a utility vehicle and called the Pursuit. Other Ford Performance Vehicle Falcons on offer include the Turbo 6 Cylinder F6 range.

Ford releases new Australian FG Falcon


Today's launch of the all new Ford Falcon FG series has been one the most anticipated releases in Australian motoring history. It is hoped the new model range will help boost the large car market in Australia which has been suffering from dropping sales over the past few years. The new FG Falcon comes in a range of models including a new G series which is the luxury flagship for the model. The range also features a sporty XR6 with turbo charged six cylinder engine and an aggressive XR8 V8 vehicle. The vehicle comes in two body styles a sedan and a utility vehicle which is sold in both tray and tub form a must for any Aussie tradesman. The all-new FG Falcon offers fuel economy improvements AND increased performance - as well as introducing new passive and active safety features across the range.

See our photospread of the other Falcon FG models.

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Ford Airstream Concept

[youtube ezt452INjPg]

With the launch of the FG Falcon tomorrow we thought it only fitting to to check out a ford concept car today to see what the future may hold for the brand. The Ford Airstream Concept uses a plug-in hydrogen hybrid fuel cell to deliver 41 miles per gallon which is pretty good news if it ever makes its way into a production car, what we hope never does make its way into tomorrow's Ford's is the LCD display of an open fire, I mean what were they thinking. Sure concept cars are suppose to be way out there, but a display of open fire! Perhaps they thought it was more environmentally friendly than the real open fires we will be using in our cars of the future.

Should of Ford taken the T-bird away?

[youtube m2C7jCQjub0]

Today we feature another clip from the fantastic PBS series Great Cars. The Ford Thunderbird was launched in 1955 as a response to Chev's 1953 Corvette. The first model was kinda sporty looking and cool but something went wrong along the way with Ford calling the car a personal luxury car rather than a sports coupe the car grew into some what of a hideous beast. The first few restyles saw them grow but still retain their cool but by the 70s, 80s and 90s they were just plain ugly and awful. Ford saw some sense and killed it off in 1997, the name returned in 2002 on a cool retro T-bird that was reminiscent of the 1955 model, unfortunately it didn't sell well and was killed off by 2005. So what went wrong? did the 70s ugly stink up the name or was the retro model the wrong place at the wrong time? let us know what you recon in our comment form below.

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Argentina’s Ford Falcon


The Ford Falcon is Ford Australia's flagship with 48 plus year history, Before becoming a uniquely Australian model in the late 1960's the early vehicles were based on the 1959 US Ford Falcon. The same thing happend in Argentina, but unlike Ford Australia they kept pretty much the same design with a few modern tinkers up until 1991. Nearly half a million Argentinan Ford Falcons were produced, there was a facelift in the 1980's which morphed a Ford Cortina like front and rear to the car and a new dash panel which looked like it came straight out of the European Cortina. The Falcon was very popular with the Police in Argentina and trusted design proved fairly reliable. Today Argentina sells many of the European Ford products like Mondeo, Focus, Fiesta and a facelifted version of the Ford Ka, which appears to be only for the South American market.

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Verve in Detroit


Just a few weeks after the 3 door Ford Verve concept stunned crowds at the Frankfurt Motor Show, it and a stylish 4 door version has taken centre stage at the Ford stand at Detroit's American International Motor Show this week. With the rising fuel prices and the global warming problems Ford think this small, practical and stylish type of car might just be the next big growth segment in the industry. Industry figures predict 38 million units of this size car will be sold worldwide by 2012 and if this lovely little Verve is any indication of what Ford has in mind they will be after a pretty big slice of the business. Ford have built the Verve concept to showcases the style, technology, premium materials and more substantial content that will set it apart from other offerings when Ford’s new small cars go on sale in North America in 2010.

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Ford Discovery Centre – Australia


Back in 1925 Ford started their Australian production in Geelong Australia and today the city is still home to their Stamping facilities and Research and Development centre. Within a few metres of their original works near Geelong's waterfront the Ford Discovery Centre now stands. Offering visitors an extensive showcase of vehicles that the Marquee has become famous for from the Model T to the latest model Falcon. The centre is much more than a car museum it is a hand's on technology centre where people especially the young can come face to face with production robots, vehicle cutaways and visit a mock up of Ford Australia's top secret design studio where full size real clay model vehicles are on display. The center fun and education and is a very popular learning centre for many of the states primary schools. The center has many one off concept vehicles and show cars, historic vehicles including the world's first utility vehicle the 1932 Ford Ute and some of the latest iconic vehicles in it's ever changing display.

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