first drive of Chevy Volt

[youtube lZvN2czT-qw]

The video above is of one of the first drives of the Chevy Volt's running gear set up in a test car based on another Chevrolet model. GM are really pushing the Volt hard to journalists as GM is pinning its hopes on the Volt turning around the companies future. What do you recon, will it make or break them? or is GM too close to bankruptcy to even get one of these new cars out the door? Hit up our comment form below.

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Toyota’s smart little Crayon


The tiny Toyota Crayon is a short range transport system which is being ran by Toyota in Toyota City which is just outside Nagoya in Japan. These cute little vehicles are electric and are used as share cars throughout the city. This ingenious trial uses a fleet of the Crayon cars which can be hired for short trips through Toyota City. There are stations all over the city where the vehicles can be left and charged for the next user. Toyota is also experimenting with high technology like self driving systems on these vehicles; people can take a ride on one of these IMTS (Intelligent Multi Mode Transit System) Crayon vehicles on a special test track at Toyota’s huge showroom, Toyota MegaWeb at Odaiba on Tokyo’s waterfront.