Cute and the rainbrush is standard equipment

[youtube D3gaR4kzspQ]

It looks like the Chinese have brought the wackiest cars to the Detroit Motor Show this year. The Tang Hua are straight out of a comic book in their bright yellow paintwork.  These little electric vehicles are do about 28 miles an hour at normal speed and a whopping 40 mph at performance speed and have some great features if they work, including air conditioning, rain brushes- which we think might be windscreen wipers, alarm of remnant quality of electric/voltage- perhaps that’s the battery meter and even have upgrading vision- might be the big windows- who knows. Other highlights are a picture of Chairman Mao on the steering wheel, what more could you want, and they use electric storage technology- sounds good eh?.  They wont pass the design rules to be sold in the US, but im sure the theme parks will want them. Check out the You Tube video we found, and pay particular attention to the caterpillar looking one in the background, that’s the one I want.

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Toyota A-Bat

[youtube vjcxHbF4xeo]

Toyota have a very interesting concept vehicle on their stand at the Detroit motorshow this week, the A-bat, it is part pick up truck and part car. The vehcile featues a lot of recyclable materials including metals and wood. The seats, center console and dashboard use both carbon fiber and aluminum, while the door trim, armrests and seat cushions are made of a tough light weight materials. A-BAT also uses a Hybrid Synergy Drive system similar to what Toyota use in its Highlander vehicle. One interesting feature is solar panels built into the dash which charge a removable power pack which can run AC/DC power.

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Saturn Flextreme Concept


The Saturn Flextreme Concept continues our week of Detroit Motor Show features. This clever and rather weird looking car is a little sister to the Opel Flextreme car shown at Frankfurt a few weeks back. The Saturn car has a lithium-ion battery eclectic motor which can drive for about 34 miles and a diesel engine which can power recharge the battery when necessary, or be recharged via the powerpoint in about 3 hours. Saturn have stated at the launch of this vehicle the front of the vehicle in particular the lights and grille use styling cues of the future Saturn look- which will be quiet striking. Probably the most interesting and weird idea in this concept is the addition of two Segways stowed under the cargo floor, we really don’t know why, must be there just incase the battery goes flat?  

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