Inside the Delorean factory

[youtube 9nQxs4RESms]

During the early 80's it was pretty cool to own a Delorean, Their space age looks, stainless steel body and gullwing doors proved a car just needed to look good to attract buyers even if it didn't perform very well. After the Delorean motor company went broke a new Delorean company was set up to supply parts to the 6500 owners of Delorean DMC-12s from a range of new old stock and reproduction parts. Recently this company has announced they will be returning the DMC-12 back to limited production using the old panels still in stock, along with a new frame and underbody, all equipped with modern gadgets and a better performing engine. The video above takes a quick tour of the facililities of the new Delorean werehouse and is worth a watch if you remember the 80's at all.