Nissan’s Flying Feather


The Flying Feather was the brainchild of Yutaka Katayama in the late 1940s' He Ryuichi Tomiya, Ryuichi Tomiya designers at Datsun in Japan went to work on a small vehicle that used mainly motorcycle parts and very basic, but netherless a functional and reliable means of transport. They came up with this interesting little vehcile. Unfortunatly it didn't really get into full production but some 150 or so vehicles were produced in various stages in the mid 1950' by Suminoe Manufacturing, which was an affiliate fo Nissan.  The vehicle was probably a bit to basic, which people were not quiet ready for in Japan. Similar style vehicles became popular a few years later This lovely example of the Flying Feather is on display at the Toyota Automotive Museum in Nagoya, Japan.