Citroen GS Bi Rotor

[youtube 3WwlgalVH7A]

When you think about the Wankel Rotary engine you instantly think about Mazda, some of you may also remember NSU the German car company that went broke after sinking a lot of money into the Rotary. There also was a third company who thought Rotaries would be good under their bonnet and that was Citroen with their GS Bi-Rotor. Between 1973 and 1977 a luxury version of the Citroen GS was sold with NSU's rotary engine under the bonnet but when NSU fell in a heap Citroen were left with 847 cars on the road without a source of spare parts. Citroen's solution was to recall them and buy them all back to be crushed and never mention the Rotary again. A few still survive as some customers loved them to much to sell them back to Citroen, the video above is a Citroen promotional video showing how Citroen did love the Rotary once too. It's in French but the animations of how the rotary works is pretty cool if you don't understand the language of the cheese eaters.

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Citroen 2CV

[youtube 0FRovouOLyQ]

Today we feature an ad for the Citroen 2CV that makes it look like a quite attractive car. The 2CV is right up there with the Mini and the Beetle in the cult classic car category. Like the Beetle and the Mini the 2CV was produced long after every other manufacturer had moved on to producing more modern cars but people keep on buying these cars despite them having ergonomics designed in the 40s. The last car ran off the production line in 1990 after 42 years of production.

Citroen’s C-Buggy concept


Citroen has always been at the forefront of innovative automotive design and the C-Buggy concept car which made its public debut at the Madrid Motor Show is no exception. This modern slant on the beach buggy crossed with a speedster really turned heads. The mechanicals are also quiet impressive the vehicle features a 173 horsepower high pressure direct injection twin turbo diesel engine and a 6 speed electro hydraulic transmission. Citroen has no plans to bring the C-Buggy into production but many of the exciting design features will appear in future products for the brand. The vehicle was based an earlier concept car Citroen displayed at the Bologna Motor Show a year earlier an our photo was from the Paris Motor Show, this car was more of a city based two seater another very stylish vehicle. For more information: