Chevy Camaro Coupe Show Car


This year's Melbourne Motorshow in Australia premiered the Chevrolet Camaro Coupe show car which is a glimpse of great things to come from the huge US automaker. The vehicle was actually designed in Melbourne by Holden who have the task of designing the new rear wheel drive muscle car. The final product is expected to have many of the design cues that the show car proudly possesses when it rolls of the production lines in Canada some time in 2009. The car will feature some of the underbody and mechanicals used in Australia's Holden Commodore which is the country's biggest selling car and exported to world markets including the Middle East, Asia and to the USA as a Pontiac GTO.

Citroen’s C-Buggy concept


Citroen has always been at the forefront of innovative automotive design and the C-Buggy concept car which made its public debut at the Madrid Motor Show is no exception. This modern slant on the beach buggy crossed with a speedster really turned heads. The mechanicals are also quiet impressive the vehicle features a 173 horsepower high pressure direct injection twin turbo diesel engine and a 6 speed electro hydraulic transmission. Citroen has no plans to bring the C-Buggy into production but many of the exciting design features will appear in future products for the brand. The vehicle was based an earlier concept car Citroen displayed at the Bologna Motor Show a year earlier an our photo was from the Paris Motor Show, this car was more of a city based two seater another very stylish vehicle. For more information:

Macau Grand Prix Museum


Every November the small peninsular of Macau off the coast of Hong Kong in China comes alive with Grand Prix action, and to celebrate the Grand Prix all year round the island city has a great Grand Prix Museum. Macau has one of the few street racing circuits on the Grand Prix calendar and along with the city's new casinos is a huge money spinner. The museum remembers some wonderful moments and some amazing drivers. There is a huge display featuring many of the historic racecars which have challenged the Macau circuit. But the museum is more than a museum it is a high tech entertainment center where visitors can ride the latest simulators and try their hand at Grand Prix action. Many of the vehicles and racing motorbikes are displayed in themed panoramas, which give you a sense of what the Macau Grand Prix is like, all beautifully restored the vehicles look like jewelry glistening in the museum's beautiful halls. The center is usually opened six days a week, closing Tuesday and is best seen as part of the city's museum pass ticket, which gives you access to many of Macau's other great sights including the Maritime Museum, Museum of Art and the fantastic Wine Museum which is in the same building. For more information:

Ford FPV GT Cobra


Ford Performance Vehicles in Australia has just released the 30th Anniversary GT Cobra Falcon. Only 400 sedans and 100 utes of this special model have been produced and were sold out on first day of sale. The vehicle brings back memories of the 1977 Falcon Cobra muscle car which has become one of Ford Australia's most iconic vehicles. Priced to sell at only AU$65110 this all new Cobra is based on the BF Falcon and is built for performance and comfort featuring a huge Boss 5.4 litre 32 valve, quad cam V8 engine which produced 302 kW of power. The car features either a 6 speed ZF automatic with sequential sports shift or 6 speed close ratio manual transmission with high torque clutch. There are 19" five spoke wheels and the legendary white body with blue stripes and of course the cobra logo. Inside the vehicle is fitted with leather sports seats, sports instrumentation, and all the trimmings you would expect and quite a few little surprises. for more information visit: or

VW concept car GX 3


This weeks weird car of the week is the VW concept car the GX 3. More motorbike meets car, the 92kw 3 wheel roadseter takes 5.7 sec to go from 0 to 100 klm. the 1.6 litre 4 cyl engine supplies power to the rear wheel via a 6-speed transmission and chain drive. The car made its premier at the Los Angeles Motor Show and was actually designed at the VW Design Centre in California, with the US in mind.  At launch VW had plans to take this model further and hopefully bring something like it into market. They were hoping it would sell at around $17000.

The Gull Wing Mercedes-Benz 300SL


1955 Mercedes Benz 300 SL coupe with its gull wing doors is probably the most beautiful and most loved of all the cars produced during the 1950’s. Based of a racing version the production version has become one of the most collected and expensive vehicles of all time. The vehicle was powered by a 6 cylinder 183 cubic inch engine delivering 158 kW with a top speed of 155 mp. This photograph was taken at the new Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart Germany where it along with many other iconic Mercedes Benz models are displayed like jewelry. This museum would have to finest and most beautiful automotive museum in the world and houses many of the company’s treasures a must for anyone visiting Germany whether they are a car buff or not. For more information:

Welcome to Transeum


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