The Volt enters pre-production

[youtube bztCah9wxS8]

The Chevrolet Volt is GM's much anticipated electric car that is not too far away from hitting the showrooms. GM is pinning its hopes on this car turning the fortunes of the company around, so they are going all out to talk up the car before release. One new marketing idea for the car is a social network website known as where they are releasing a range of video's of the car before its release. We especially liked the video of the cars pre production you can see above, there are plenty more like these if you follow the link to their site below.

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The Cigarette Motorbike

[youtube 5EODSVw4Wg0]

We love all sorts of vechiles shaped into odd things and the video of this odd motorbike above is well worth a watch. The cigarette motorbike was made by a guy in India who hates smoking that much he decided to build a large cigarette shaped motorbike. We recon the bike would be a bit unpopular in traffic by looking at its turning circle. We are not too sure a huge cigarette discourages smoking, perhaps a huge black coloured lung spitting up phlegm would of been more appropriate. Watch and enjoy.

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The World’s Smallest Car

[youtube yL9YuEjjrs8]

At transeum we love small cars and a bit of backyard mechanics, the guy in the video above has managed to produce a tiny car our of a Postman Pat kiddy ride and a quad bike. A UK man known as Perry Watkins produced this fun car out of a faulty kiddys ride he got off ebay for 50 pounds with the addition of the quad bike mechanical's a new paint job and a few other parts to get it road legal the car is now known as the "wind up". Perry has previously built a few other odd cars, like a car shaped like a Dr Who Dalek and some of the world's flattest cars. You can check out the video of his previous record breaker the "flatmobile" (a flat car with a batman theme) on the next page.

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first drive of Chevy Volt

[youtube lZvN2czT-qw]

The video above is of one of the first drives of the Chevy Volt's running gear set up in a test car based on another Chevrolet model. GM are really pushing the Volt hard to journalists as GM is pinning its hopes on the Volt turning around the companies future. What do you recon, will it make or break them? or is GM too close to bankruptcy to even get one of these new cars out the door? Hit up our comment form below.

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First drive of the Tata Nano

[youtube 3sZitve3SUw]

We really like small and cheap cars and they don't get much cheaper than India's new small car the Tata Nano. Its been around a year since the Nano was unveiled with the shock price tag of around $2000 in US Coin, and many experts thought the production model may be a bit cheap and half arsed, well according to the review above its not too bad for the price. Check it out, it may look a bit spartan by western standards but it still would be better than some of the old boxes I see travelling the streets. Pity the car is only going to the indian market at that price for the moment as I wouldn't mind one at that price.

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The Nuclear Packard

While the car you see above looks like it belongs on the scrap heap, it has just been rescued to soon become the pride of the National Atomic Museum. The car,a stretched 1941 Packard Clipper was used as part of the Mmanhattan Project to ferry the scientist that developed the A-Bomb from the testing range around New Mexico. The Museum is looking for donations to restore this car and a 1942 Plymouth back to life, if you can help follow a link to their site below or check out the gallery over on autoblog.

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Classic barn find may net millions

We love a good story about a barn find, these are the rare cars that are often found in someones barn (or in this case a Tyneside garage) that have not seen the light of days for many years. In this case a rare Bugatti 57s Atalante, one of just 17 built has shown up in the garage at a reclusive doctor that recently passed away. His family found the 1937 car in the shed the doctor left to them along with an Aston Martin and a Jaguar E-type. The Bugatti is the most interesting not only due to its rarity but also due to the fact it has only 26,284 on the clock thanks to being parked in the shed since 1960. The Bugatti is about to go to auction and despite needing a bit of restoration is expected to fetch anywhere up to 3 million pounds, but once restored it should look similar to the one in the pic above. For the full story hit up the BBC News link below.

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The Weinermobile

The Weinermobile is a hot dog shaped car that has been around in the US since the late 1930's. Developed as a promotional gimick for the Oscar Mayer sausage company. While there have been several variations of the weinermobile over the years, one thing always looks the same and that is the sausage on top of the car. The one pictured above from the 1950's resides at the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit and looks not much different to the fleet of 7 Weinermobiles doing the rounds of the US today. Every year the company recruits a new set of drivers known as "hotdoggers" to take the cars around the country to parades and events that helps promote the company.

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