JFK’s Lincoln Continental


The first in our series of car of the dead stars is the SS-100x, it was the secret service name of the Presidential limo that JFK got shot in. Based on a 1961 4 door Lincoln Continental the car was modified to a convertible (probably not a great idea looking back) and also featured an array of high tech gadgets including a radio link back to the White House. The car featured a variety of tops that could be popped on when needed and by the time the car was finished being modified a 1962 grill and bumper assy was fitted to keep the car up to date. Following Kennedy's assassination the car was modified again returning it to a closed in sedan, but this time with bulletproof armor. The car continued as a presidential limousine until 1967 and was finally retired from goverment service in 1978 to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. The Henry Ford Museum Website http://www.hfmgv.org/

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  1. JFK used another Lincoln Continental that was white and a standard 1961 4 door convertible. I have seen photos of him in this car (one driving it and one with him and a general in the backseat). It is my understanding that this white car was owned by JFK and usually kept at the Kennedy Compound in Florida. Does anyone know anything about it or what has become of it? Thank you.

  2. I wonder what the person’s that rebuilt the lemo after he got shot, if they have any photos of the car before it got rebuilt.
    Marin, Melbourne Australia

  3. I’m doing some research on JFK’s white Lincoln he used in Palm Beach. It was purchased in 1963 by Alphonse K. Koart of Phil., PA.
    In 1970 he donated it to the Elliott Museum (Martin County Historical Society) in Stuart, Florida.
    The Museum displayed the car until it was sold by the Museum around 1976.
    In 2008, the car was sold at the Barrett-Jackson auction for $209,000.

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