Intelligent Multi-mode Transport System


The last World Expo was held in Nagoya, Japan and for the event which attracted over 24 million visitors Toyota developed the Intelligent Multi-mode Transport System or IMTS bus line. Which circled the huge park. The bus was not manned and was controlled completely by computers, driving, stopping and operating all by technology. The vehicle operated on a dedicated road which had special magnetic markers in the pavement which steered the bus along with other special sensors including automatic braking control by means of inter-vehicle communications, ground signal units, and other devices. The body of the bus was also high tech using light weight carbon composite monocoque for the body. The vehicles were powered by natural gas (CNG) offering low emissions compared to normal forms of transport. There were 13 vehicles circling the park and the average speed was about 20 km per hour, moving some 18000 people per day. IMTS vehicles are steered and controlled by magnetic markers imbedded in the middle of the dedicated road. High levels of safety and dependability are assured by the automatic speed control and braking functions resting on inter-vehicle communications, ground signal units, and other such devices.

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