Daewoo Maepsy, a Gemini with a familar face

[youtube v5-SF9RhWts]

The Isuzu Gemini was one of the most popular of GM small cars during the late 70s and early 80s with versions produced is Japan, Australia, Brazil, and the UK  to name a few. While most of these models started life as a carbon copy of each other some did get a unique from end treatment to suit their own market.  As the South Korean Daewoo version progressed along its lifespan it obtained a Opel Rekord or Holden Commodore looking frontend with a dashboard that looks remarkably similar to the Holden Camira dash (that was proberbly derived from another GM J car). The Daewoo Maepsy in the commercial above is dated around 1985, it was about then Gemini's in the rest of the world moved to an all new front wheel drive platform. 

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