Classic barn find may net millions

We love a good story about a barn find, these are the rare cars that are often found in someones barn (or in this case a Tyneside garage) that have not seen the light of days for many years. In this case a rare Bugatti 57s Atalante, one of just 17 built has shown up in the garage at a reclusive doctor that recently passed away. His family found the 1937 car in the shed the doctor left to them along with an Aston Martin and a Jaguar E-type. The Bugatti is the most interesting not only due to its rarity but also due to the fact it has only 26,284 on the clock thanks to being parked in the shed since 1960. The Bugatti is about to go to auction and despite needing a bit of restoration is expected to fetch anywhere up to 3 million pounds, but once restored it should look similar to the one in the pic above. For the full story hit up the BBC News link below.

4 thoughts on “Classic barn find may net millions

  1. I would much prefer the VB Commodore I found in a farm paddock last year. It looks better, it is faster and the 2 x 12″ Subbies I put on the back seat will create a better sound than the radio in the Bugatti.

  2. I saw a VB commodore in Geelong the other day for $1500 it had only 60,000 klm on the clock, one problem it was a four cylinder!

  3. Yeah couldnt agree more, the VB Commodoore like the beer is was named after is the best car ever produced expecally the V8 its a bloody ripper dont know why they still dont make em

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