You can buy your very own Aerocar


You may remember our story on the Taylor Aerocar we saw at Seattle’s Museum of Flight. Well a 1954 aero car has come up for sale with the price tag of  $1,250,000. For this tidy sum you get a FAA certified flying car to live out your dream of taking to the sky when traffic becomes a problem. This model is number 2 of only 6 that were built and has been previously on display at the Golden Wings Flying Museum in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The aerocar is all original and is still airworthy, check out the link below to find out more or to pony up the cash for your own flying car.

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The Cigarette Motorbike

[youtube 5EODSVw4Wg0]

We love all sorts of vechiles shaped into odd things and the video of this odd motorbike above is well worth a watch. The cigarette motorbike was made by a guy in India who hates smoking that much he decided to build a large cigarette shaped motorbike. We recon the bike would be a bit unpopular in traffic by looking at its turning circle. We are not too sure a huge cigarette discourages smoking, perhaps a huge black coloured lung spitting up phlegm would of been more appropriate. Watch and enjoy.

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The World’s Smallest Car

[youtube yL9YuEjjrs8]

At transeum we love small cars and a bit of backyard mechanics, the guy in the video above has managed to produce a tiny car our of a Postman Pat kiddy ride and a quad bike. A UK man known as Perry Watkins produced this fun car out of a faulty kiddys ride he got off ebay for 50 pounds with the addition of the quad bike mechanical's a new paint job and a few other parts to get it road legal the car is now known as the "wind up". Perry has previously built a few other odd cars, like a car shaped like a Dr Who Dalek and some of the world's flattest cars. You can check out the video of his previous record breaker the "flatmobile" (a flat car with a batman theme) on the next page.

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The Weinermobile

The Weinermobile is a hot dog shaped car that has been around in the US since the late 1930's. Developed as a promotional gimick for the Oscar Mayer sausage company. While there have been several variations of the weinermobile over the years, one thing always looks the same and that is the sausage on top of the car. The one pictured above from the 1950's resides at the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit and looks not much different to the fleet of 7 Weinermobiles doing the rounds of the US today. Every year the company recruits a new set of drivers known as "hotdoggers" to take the cars around the country to parades and events that helps promote the company.

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The only way it would go faster is if it went backwards

[youtube pGVO5_uIIiw]

Another funny video this week where someone took the phrase "The only way it would go faster is if it went backwards" literally. The guys in this footage seem to be having a bit of fun in their modified Fiat 126. It looks like they have somehow grafted a front wheel drive engine steering and suspension into the fiat in place of the standard Fiat rear engine. It sounds like a hell of a lot of work to pull off this effort but does make for some funny driving especially when the passenger is also steering the Fiat's original front end (now back end). The film looks to be taken in Poland, so the Fiat 126 in question may actually be the Polski Fiat 126p built under licence by Poland's FSM (Fabryka Samochodów Ma?olitra?owych). If you know any more about this car or know of any other cars with crazy mods drop us a line below.

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A wooden beetle

[youtube xM1Et_DvEYc]

Most Beetle owners have faced the idea of giving their beloved cars bodywork a bit of a spruce up at one point in their cars life, but this guy takes it to a whole new level. the beetle in the video above is covered with over 20000 oak tiles, that apparently took around a year to attach to the car along with fabricating other oak bits and pieces (we especially like the wiper arms). So if your more handy with a chisel than welder give some thought to creating your own wooden car. Gallery via Gizmodo

A campervan fit for a king

[youtube gTgmm_dGDbo]

Firstly id like to say I'm not that keen on camping, campervans or people that clog the roads with their caravan but if id had to go camping it would be in the van in the video above. Known as the Volkner Performance Motorhome, the cost of this thing is more than the average home, but you could live in this thing for a fair while and be very comfortable with its pop up plasma TV, full bathroom and luxury fittings. When you need to pop down the shops this van like many normal homes has a built garage to house you luxury sports car. With a price tag of around 750.000 Pounds you would want to like camping a lot but with this one it really does beat spending a week pooping in a bucket. Personally i think I keep ponying up the cash to stay in a hotel.

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