First drive of the Tata Nano

[youtube 3sZitve3SUw]

We really like small and cheap cars and they don't get much cheaper than India's new small car the Tata Nano. Its been around a year since the Nano was unveiled with the shock price tag of around $2000 in US Coin, and many experts thought the production model may be a bit cheap and half arsed, well according to the review above its not too bad for the price. Check it out, it may look a bit spartan by western standards but it still would be better than some of the old boxes I see travelling the streets. Pity the car is only going to the indian market at that price for the moment as I wouldn't mind one at that price.

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Homer or Hello Kitty number plates

Either you love them or hate them but personalised Licence plates are big business for the states who have them available, so it comes as no surprise to us to see that Hello Kitty has sold herself out in Queensland, Australia to the local transport department. The Simpsons who have been known to enjoy the corporate dollar by marketing their image on as many things as their own Crusty the Clown does, have also come to the party for those of us who don't want to drive around with a pink number plate with a rainbow and flowers on it.  So what do you think? horrible idea or just excellent. hit up our comment form below. 

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Hoons Trust Holden

[youtube BztDil2B5CY]

Most states in Australia have recently introduced anti-hoon laws to crack down on street racers and hoons that have a little bit too much fun with their cars. The laws generally see the hoon lose his car from anywhere from a few days to forever followed by a day in court. The police media units have been in overtime since the laws were introduced as stories of idiots getting sprung doing the stupidest things hit the papers. Some of the best stories we have seen recently include a WA lad losing his car only minutes after getting his licence, as he was doing a burnout in the testing centre and another guy losing two cars in only a mater of days. Today we stumbled across this piece on were Victorian police announced that of the 5000 cars taken in two years nearly half of them where made by Holden. What do you think, are Holden's hoon cars or is there a more deserving brand for Australia's Hoons. Hit up our comment form below.

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Stop your car from being clamped the hard way


We found this story over at "The Telegraph" and we enjoyed it that much we thought we share the link with you. Long story short, UK motorist Ian Taylor came home and found his Ford Fiesta clamped by the authorities as it was hanging out his drive a bit. So he cut his car in half and invited the authorities to come and take the back half away as he quotes it was only the back half of the car that was parked illegally. Read the full story at

How would your car go in a crash test

[youtube Dimg2n2Azwg]

At one stage not long ago car manufactures could pump out any old box of bolts and people would buy them and not care what would happen if they ever crashed them. Thankfully today cars are designed with computers and the manufacturers can try crash testing them over and over without even building their first car, this means that cars today are much safer than those built in the trail and error days. Today cars are built to bend and crush in certain ways but not in other ways to keep the passenger compartment (and you) in one piece. In some cars this works better than others and this is why there is a star rating given to the cars on today's roads. The standard crashes in the video above are performed by Euro NCAP at 67klm into an offset wall, what we are looking at are 5 star cars compared to 1 star cars where you would not be healthy after the crash.

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Let’s drive on the wrong side of the road


According to Reuters a senior Irish politician has come up with the great idea of switching the sides of the road it drives on. Currently Ireland drives on the left like Britain and many of Britain's former colonies, The plan here is that with heaps of tourists from Europe and the US its all a bit confusing and it would make it easier to swap over or idea two is force the drivers from right hand drive countries to only travel at half the speed. The problem we see is that most of the cars in the country will have the steering wheel on the wrong side and you will still need to swap over when you go to the UK. Our idea is to do a staged introduction starting with buses and trucks first! In Australia on the Great Ocean Road they put up signs reminding tourists to drive on the left (see above), its a good idea but this popular tourist drive is 2 hours from the main international airport where there are no reminder signs so you would recon the tourists should of figured it out by the time they get there.

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Welcome to Transeum


Transeum will be the Intown Network's newest website. It will feature transportation museums and motor shows from around the world, weird and unusual vehicles and classic cars plus lots of interesting and fun transportation related stuff.  Come back each day and see a new transportation story, you never know what we will feature. See you soon!