High Speed Rail set for California

Possibly realising their public transport system is a bit crappy California has recently spent a bit of money getting their transport system up to date with the rest of the world and now the focus is on a high speed rail system just like in Japan and Europe. The plan is to link San Francisco and Sacramento with San Diego via LA, Estimated route times and prices are over on their website with a cool gallery of videos that are worth a look (see link below).

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The Tampa Airport Monorail

[youtube PU9_2-rxTa8]

Monorails are often seen as a novelty and a tourist attraction, probably due to the fact that Disney likes them a lot and that they have a few limitations in when it comes to changing tracks. Monorails work the best on short loop tracks and the monorail at the Tampa Airport in the video above is just that, a short loop around the parking garage into the terminal and back again. Built in the early 90's most of this monorail is inside providing almost no touristy scenery for the user like most of the other monorails in the world do. This monorail is all about moving people from their cars to the airport terminal, so it is one of the few monorails about that fill a practical need perfectly. 

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