2011 Australian International Motor Show

The Australian International Motorshow is on the the Melbourne Exhibition Centre until the 10th of July with a huge display of current, future and concept vehicles.  Some of the highights include the Australian premier of the all new Ford Focus, the Ford Ranger, Holden Cruise Hatch, Audi -etron concept, and all new A6,  BMW's FCEV concept and the new Bently Continental GT.  See our huge photo gallery below.

Deutsches Technikmuseum – Berlin


The Deutsches Technikmuseum or Museum of Technology a enjoyable and educational journey with some amazing examples of German technology on show. Built in the former goods yard of Anhalter Guterbahnholf a railway yard the museum has huge pavilions of planes, trains, cars, boats a planetarium and even a brewery. The museum also features some interesting production areas where you can see actual craftsman make suitcases, rolled jewelry and printing. The museum is set over four sites all within a few minutes walk and only about 10 minutes walk from Potsdamer Plaz. The vintage car depot is a must for any car buffs, here you will see a collection of over 100 historic German cars, some very rare while others familiar. The railway yard has dozens of beautiful examples of railway stock all magnificently restored to their former glory while the aviation and space flight atrium has some very interesting military and civilian aircraft.

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All Holden Day


Geelong Australia is known as the Birthplace of Ford in Australia and is still home to its Research and Development facilities and manufacturing. But every March the town is taken over by Ford's arch rival the GM Holden for the annual All Holden Day held at Geelong's Showgrounds. Thousands flock to see some classic Holden vehicles and even more hotted up Holden's including hundred's of highly modified and loved Commodores, Australia's most popular car. The day is a fund raiser for local charity and is a great way for Holden fans to show their passion towards their much loved car. Some of the modifications are staggering with amazing paint jobs, flash chrome wheels and plenty of power train and suspension modifications. But for those who love the traditional Holden the day attracts a vast array of classic vehicles including the true Aussie classic the FJ Holden and the good old Aussie Ute which was actually first invented in Geelong by guess who?...... Ford.

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Japan’s new jet


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has just released details of a new regional passenger jet which they hope will enter service in 2013 and put Japan on the map for efficient state of the art passenger jets. The plane has already had 25 orders from All Nipon Airways totalling about 60000 million Yen and there is quiet a bit of interest world wide including reports of Vietnam Air and Emirates also very keen to sign up. With seating for between 70 and 90 people the plane is on Friday launched a project to build its first ever passenger jet, a next-generation regional airliner that aims to meet growing demand for fuel efficient planes. There are a few aircraft manufacturers around the world which are trying to get into this lucrative small jet market including Canada's Bombardier, Brazil's Embraer and Chinese and Russian manufacturers, but the Japanese with their track record of affordable, high quality and efficient products might just have the edge they need.

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Hongqi Century Star


The Hongqi Century Star is a popular car with China’s government and officials. Based on the old Audi 100 of the early 1990s, the Hongqi is made by China’s First Auto Works or FAW. 80% of the Hongqi car is locally produced; it still has a very Audi look about despite a new grill treatment. Hongqi means "red flag" and the Hongqi century star is China’s own luxury car, with stretch and convertible versions also being produced. FAW also make new VWs and Audi’s locally in China for VW. Volkswagen have other partnerships in China producing various VW and Audi products mainly for the local market. Recently some VW products made in China are being exported to other countries around the world including the Polo small car.

BMW Welt opens in Munich

[youtube eVrO8Hqb7ns]

The much anticipated new BMW museum the BMW Welt has just opened in Munich and is one of the world's most amazing archetectual spaces as our You Tube video will show you. The Welt is more than a museum it is also a distribution point where you can pick up your spanking new BMW.  Designed by Coop Himmelb the facility took nearly four years to construct using some amazing construction techniques. The huge roof is home to over 3600 solar panels and many other substainable items are used in the structure. The facility includes the premium lounge for new car owners, a public gallery, conference suite and children’s center. The huge Double Cone will act as a media dome for exhibitions and events accommodating up to 450 people. BMW anticipates over 800,000 visitors per year. 

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Elvis’ Tank


Elvis Presley the king of rock and roll spent some time in the US army during the 1950's and was stationed in Germany for a while. During that time he worked with a M59 armoured personnel carrier which is today on display at the Sinsheim Auto & Technic museum in Sinsheim Germany. The amphibious tank was made from 1954 to 1960 and about 6300 units were produced. The tank was built out of armour plating which was in places 25 mm thick and was powered by two GMC model 302 six cylinder petrol engines which could do 146hp at 3600 rpm. The fuel consumption wasn’t too good with only a capability of 190 km from its 511 litre fuel tank. It could do about 50 kph on the road and just under 7 k per hour on water. The machine was designed and manufactured by the Food machinery and chemical corporation in the USA.

Toyota FT-HS the hybrid sports car of the future.


Toyota are streaming ahead with hybrid technology allready several cars are on the market around the world and in Japan most of the range is available in Hybrid. Toyota think the hybrid is the centeral technology needed to make the ultimate eco-car and over the next few years this techology will improve and be a real alternative to full time petrol or diesel. So to showcase this techology Toyota have the FT HS hybrid sports car on their stand at the Melbourne Motorshow alongside their hybrid Prius and locally made Camry and Aurion sedans.  The FT-HS is hot of the stand of the Detroit Motorshow and is one of the most exciting cars at Melbourne. The 400 horsepower hybrid car may see the return of the classic Celica or Supra time will tell.  Toyota are stating this vehicle will do 0-60 in about 4 seconds and it would sell in the price bracket of mid $30,000. It has a 3.5 litre V6 engine Sounds too good to believe we will have to wait and see.